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You'll Save BIG On A Custom Bass Boat In More Ways Than One
With The "Jon Boat To Bass Boat" Book!
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About The "Hydrilla Gorilla" Jon Boat

The boat pictured below is the original "Hydrilla Gorilla" jon boat and it is the jon boat that the "Jon Boat To Bass Boat Book" was written from. These photos were taken after twenty years! In the pictures you can see the subtle changes that have been made since 1985.

After 20 Years


After 20 Years


Photo 1985

You can see that the coolers have been replaced and the depth finder was moved to the front deck. The 1956 twelve horsepower Wizard engine has been replaced with a twenty-horse Mercury engine!

The "Hydrilla Gorilla" was originally an ordinary 14 foot deep & wide Monark jon boat and we bought it brand new. Monark is now owned by SeaArk and they have every type of aluminum jon boat a fisherman could need.

Finding a used jon boat with a used boat motor for sale was of course easy. We had previously done two used jon boat conversions with a used boat motor so we wanted a new jon boat for our third project. Of course any brand of aluminum jon boat can be converted into a "Hydrilla Gorilla" bass boat. Your used jon boat is perfect for this conversion!

Why The Name "Hydrilla Gorilla?"

Hydrilla is actually an underwater grass that grows in the lakes here in Texas and fishermen here know to fish the "Hydrilla." That is where the name "Hydrilla Gorilla" came from!  You will see the name "Hydrilla Gorilla" throughout this site and throughout the "Jon Boat To Bass Boat Book!"

The "Hydrilla Gorilla" jon boat is equipped with all of the fishing extras including a depthfinder, troll motor, raised front & rear pedestal seats, running lights, rod racks, aerated live-well (with an adjustable timer), plenty of storage, solar powered battery charger, anchor-mate, bilge pump, thru-transom pump (for easily filling the live-well), AM/FM radio/stereo tape, and much much more.

The Factory Bench Seats Were Removed

Removing the factory aluminum jon boat seats PROPERLY has no effect on the structural integrity of your aluminum jon boat. The "Jon Boat To Bass Boat Book" gives you all the details about how this is done.

Actually, removing the aluminum jon boat factory bench seats is the key to converting your new jon boat, or your used jon boat into a fishing rig that rivals the high dollar rigs! Bass boats, in fact, ALL HIGH DOLLAR BOATS don't have seats across the middle because they interfere with your fishing AND they take up valuable space.

The Center Storage Compartment

The Center Storage Compartment (between the two coolers) has all the necessary control switches in it (running lights, bilge pump, live-well pump, floor lights, etc.) along with the live-well timer and stereo.

The Center Storage Compartment lid is constructed so it can be stepped on while walking back and forth in your boat.
This makes moving around in your jon boat as easy and convenient as the high dollar rigs!

The two Igloo coolers fit exactly between two of the factory jon boat floor braces on each side of the Center Storage Compartment.  One cooler serves as a live-well and the other serves as food & beverage storage, etc.

The Boat Motor Is Now A Twenty Horse Mercury!

We originally bought a used boat motor that was a 1956 model twelve horse Wizard! The "Hydrilla Gorilla" has since been blessed with a 20 horse Mercury boat motor and it'll go WAY faster than anybody needs to! This is a perfect boat motor for this size of aluminum jon boat.

The used boat motor served us well for over five years and we only paid twenty dollars for it! After over five years of dependable regular use, we sold it to the Texas A & M University Sailing Club for $250 and in truth, they also got a good deal! The University needed a used boat motor for the boat that assists new "sailors." You too can locate a used boat motor and have it repaired for way less than the cost of a new one.

You can fish in total comfort from the "Hydrilla Gorilla", and you won't have to pass up a single "fishy" looking place ever again because you'll be able to get in there where the fish are! That is why the jon boat in this book is called the "Hydrilla Gorilla." You'll be able to go almost anywhere a fish goes!

The "Hydrilla Gorilla" Design Actually Makes
The Conversion Easy For You!

For example, in the web-site photos it appears that the carpeting would be difficult because it looks like a factory job! But in the book, you are shown how to easily carpet each panel separately and fit them together. This way, there are no exposed edges and you get a quality, professional looking interior that's easy to install and lasts for years!

The "Hydrilla Gorilla" Design Is So Flexible That It's Easy
To Make Design Changes Whenever You Want!

The few changes that have been made since the "Hydrilla Gorilla" was converted were easy because the "Hydrilla Gorilla" design allows for changes!  Several jon boat conversions were done to get the very best design possible from a jon boat, and this one is the best.

More and more fishermen are choosing the "Hydrilla Gorilla" conversion because it's flexible, much more affordable, and much more productive!

The bass boat described in this book is one that will get you to your favorite fishing spot at a decent, but SAFE speed, and you won't have to pass up a single "fishy" looking place ever again because you'll be able to get in there where the fish are.

That is why we call this boat the "Hydrilla Gorilla." Besides being one of the BEST LOOKING boats on ANY lake, it will go almost anywhere a fish goes.

I have personally fished out of the "Hydrilla Gorilla" since 1985 and every trip is always enjoyable and satisfying because I am comfortable and able to fish anywhere on the lake that I want to. Now, YOU can also do the same.

It's Easy To Personalize Your Jon Boat
For Your Own Fishing Needs

Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a fishing rig that someone else has designed, you'll see that for a fraction of the cost, you can convert your own and you will enjoy it more, not only because you converted it, but because you can custom-design your rig for your own personal fishing needs.

That is exactly what the most successful fishermen do. Their high dollar rigs are set-up to accommodate their every whim! Now YOU can do the same!

Keep The Cost Of Your Jon Boat Conversion Even Lower!

As you know, a newly rigged conventional bass boat costs thousands of dollars. Even if you start with a brand new jon boat and add all the accessories described here, you'll save ninety percent of the cost of a new factory rig by doing this conversion!

Of course if you want to spend EVEN LESS, you can convert your boat to the same general "HYDRILLA GORILLA" design using just the accessories you choose and keep the cost even lower.

The point is that instead of a super high dollar boat that you make payments on for many years, you can build one with the same accessories, suited to your own particular needs for less than ten percent of the cost of those rigs.

Good Luck With Your Project!

Phone any questions to my toll-free number 1-877-968-6878 till 9:00 p.m. CST.

Again, your
"Jon Boat To Bass Boat" Download Includes:

1). The complete "Jon Boat To Bass Boat" eBook.
2) Fourteen Of The Best Jon Boat Conversions Ever Are Detailed In This Book! These are the "Best Of The Best" conversions that have been done to date. See conversion details and shortcuts you won't find anywhere! Visit our jon boat "Hall-Of-Fame" to see lots of incredible conversions!
3). The "Bassin' Buddies" Humorous Greeting Card Program (inside the eBook!).
4). "The Amazing Benefits Of Emu Oil" eBook (also, inside the eBook!).
Two pages of tips and shortcuts along with info for a boat cover, a portable jon boat launch, a REAR DECK on a jon boat with tiller steering, and much more!

With my guarantee, you cannot lose! All Our Books Are Unconditionally Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

During your conversion you save about a thousand dollars a day versus buying a factory rig. All for only $19.95! I Pay Shipping On CD's & Printed Book + Photo Album/CD's!


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