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A Tackle Accessory
You Won't Find
Anywhere Else!





You'll Save BIG On A Custom Bass Boat In More Ways Than One
With The "Jon Boat To Bass Boat" Book!
Available In:  Printed Book / Download / CD / Free Preview

An Accessory To Make Your Jon Boat
Project Easier And Better!

Terminal Block For Wiring Jon Boat

Here's The Main Power Terminal To Make
Your Wiring Trouble-Free!

Use this terminal block for the wiring in your jon boat, in your camper, on your tractor, or ANYWHERE you need to have easy access to power.

These Main Power Terminal Blocks are the absolute ultimate for wiring your jon boat. They give you a neat, protected location where you can easily access your positive and negative power!

The terminal block back-plate has impressions for screws so it is easy to fasten down, and it will stay in place! Use this terminal block in the CENTER storage compartment of your jon boat to wire your accessories, AND in the FRONT storage compartment for your troll motor!
With this terminal block, your power is concealed, protected, dependable, and easy to access.

Connect your two #6 power leads from your main battery to the bottom terminals and run a strap to the top terminals for easy connection of all your accessories!

To Quote Direct From The
"Jon Boat To Bass Boat" Book:

QUOTE: "This power terminal block will pay for itself. Just as important as the battery itself is the wiring used. A properly wired jon boat is trouble free and a pleasure to fish from. A jon boat that is not properly wired is very time consuming and aggravating. It will also let you down at the worst possible time so be advised and wire your jon boat properly."

"One of the most important factors in the wiring of your jon boat is the use of the proper gauge wire for your troll motor and accessories. Using the right gauge wire will save you headaches of all kinds. For instance, if the correct gauge wire isn't used for your troll motor, it will appear to function properly, but it will be using much more of your battery's available power than is necessary." END QUOTE

Phone any questions to my toll-free number 1-877-YOU-MUST (968-6878) till 9:00 p.m. CST.

The terminal block is only $19.95 and I PAY SHIPPING!


Magness Enterprises
23853 C.R. 114
Iola, Texas 77861

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