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A Tackle Accessory
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You'll Save BIG On A Custom Bass Boat In More Ways Than One
With The "Jon Boat To Bass Boat" Book!
Available In:  Printed Book / Download / CD / Free Preview

100% Pure Emu Oil!
Fisherman's Sunburn Protection:
See Our Sister-Site @ MyEmuOil.Com

It is now a fact, the sun doesn't cause skin cancer, sun-block does. Emu oil is all natural sunburn protection.

This is NOT the regular sunburn protection oil you're used to. It is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and guaranteed to be better.

This magic oil has been used by the Aborigine people of Australia (total sun-dwellers), for fifty-thousand years and it's FINALLY available in the USA! Fishermen everywhere are introducing their friends to this wonderful discovery because it absolutely works like magic.

Emu Oil will help to keep you from EVER getting burned again.  And if you get burned because you didn't use it, you'll get the fastest and most soothing relief you've EVER had when you apply it to your burn!

Emu oil lasts much longer than sunburn oils because it is highly penetrating so it keeps protecting you even when you perspire on those
~hot~ summer days.

Emu Oil Does MUCH MORE Than
Just Sunburn Protection

I have a web-site just for emu oil called EmuOilDepot.Com because it works so well on so many different things like burns from chemo-therapy to insect bites, wasp stings, and much more. I even have emu oil soft gelcaps on MyEmuOil.Com to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure for people and it works great!

Fifty Of The Many Benefits Of Emu Oil Are:

1). Soothes the pain of arthritis
2). Reduces bruising
3). Takes the burn out of sunburn
4). Helps prevent peeling after sunburn
5). Helps prevent blistering
6). Soothes inflammation
7). Relieves the sting of insects
8). Softens hands and cuticles
9). Moisturizes skin
10). Revives tired muscles
11). Soothes chapped skin
12). Helps heal insect bites
13). Reduces swelling
14). Relives diaper rash
15). Prevents soreness after exercising
16). Increases mobility
17). Relieves and reduces pain from
       "shin-splints" and tendonitis
18). Reduces pain in post radiation burns
19). Helps relieve growing pains
20). Helps prevent razor burn
21). Softens dry skin
22). Helps pain of carpal-tunnel syndrome
23). Relieves itchy skin
24). Thickens skin/reduces fine lines
25). Helps prevent scarring
26). Reduces stretch marks
27). Diminishes acne inflammation
28). Reduces swelling of sprains
29). Strengthens weak nails
30). Conditions hair
31). Helps chapped lips
32). Relief of muscle cramps
33). Great for a massage
34). Softens calluses
35). Reduces itching and flaking of psoriasis
36). Aid for relieving and prevention of bed sores
37). Revive tired eyes and puffiness
38). Protects skin from chlorine irritation
39). Diminishes wrinkles
40). Calms flare up from rosacea
41). Reduces the appearance of age spots
42). Relieve eczema
43). Great for after bath, after sauna, or after spa
44). Soothes skin after waxing
45). Aids healing of cold sores
46). Calms hot spots on pets
47). Helps alleviate headaches
48). Gives skin a youthful appearance
49). Promotes healthy skin and nails
50). Speeds the healing process

You Get A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with your emu oil, just return it for a full and cheerful refund, no questions asked.  This will be the most effective sunburn protection and treatment you have EVER used and you'll end up using it for so much more!

Keep emu oil in YOUR tackle box and forget about sunburn ever again!

It comes to you in an attractive plastic 2oz bottle with a flip-top for easy application & storage in your tackle box.

2 Ounces Of Emu Oil Is Only $19.95 &...WE PAY SHIPPING!

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American Express, & PayPal

Our Shopping Cart Is Fast And Easy!

You can also phone in your credit card order
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Magness Enterprises
23853 C.R. 114
Iola, Texas 77861

Email Ray Magness

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